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June 6, 1944

Starting 1:00am: 17,000 US Paratroopers were dropped behind enemy lines.


6:30 am: 73,000 US Army troops engaged in the largest amphibious landing in history.

By the end of the Day the liberation of France had begun and 2,500 young Americans had made the ultimate sacrifice.

As an homage to these heroes, and to the estimated 180,000 others, who also made the ultimate sacrifice for the liberation of France, the association “The French Will Never Forget”  with critical help from the French authorities planned a fitting, grandiose and moving tribute on June 6, 2014.

On that day 3 helicopters took flight towards Liberty Island. Once properly positioned, they released one million rose petals over the Statue of Liberty. A Lady Liberty overlooking the two gigantic French and American flags of the association, which are very symbolic as they have been used in all the other events of the association including on Omaha Beach, and which will be unfurled at her feet, by over 100 French and American children.

The official ceremony took place on Liberty Island on Friday, June 6th, 2014.

A reception on Liberty Island followed the event. Dignitaries spoke, WWII veterans were recognized, Honor Guards were present, and both national anthems were performed.

On that day, once more, the French people expressed their gratitude to America, their oldest friend and ally, for their regained freedom. We did so in such a grand and emotional fashion over the worldwide symbol of Liberty.


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